Our Story

Welcome! I’m Ashley Hummel and this is my son, Parker — the inspiration for SyNAPS. Parker has an adventurous spirit, loves headstands, and is the light of my life. At 1-month old, we found out Parker was born deaf.

Our new family got introduced to a whole world of audiology that we knew nothing about. At 6-months-old, Parker had a cochlear implant surgery so that he could hear. If you’re reading this and thinking “wait...I thought you had to wait until 12 months!” check out my blog post Implanted at 6 months [a parent’s guide to early implantation]. Looking back, it’s crazy to imagine a reality where I didn’t even know what cochlear implants were!

Coming out the other side of a gauntlet of appointments and insurance claims, the surgery wasn’t the perfect solution we were hoping for. We were disheartened to learn that while Parker now had the technology to hear, it was only working a small fraction of the day. With nothing to secure the external processor, any movement could disconnect it. For Parker, since he is so active, the doctor told us this was happening over 200 times per day. 

I looked everywhere for a solution to help secure Parker’s external magnet in position. While there are products out there that help prevent you from losing the expensive processor, none are made with the intention of improving connectivity and hearing time. When I couldn’t find what my son really needed, I started to experiment on my own. I knew that I needed to create something that would not only advance my son’s growth and development but reduce our family’s stress.

After countless hours of research, refining, adjusting, and perfecting, (and of course, using Parker as my R&D subject and model) I finally figured it out.

Enter SyNAPS - style with purpose.

SyNAPS is made for Parker and kids like him that shouldn’t have to miss out on the laughs, voices, learnings, and memories of their early years. Our headwear products increase hearing time by securing the external processor of a child’s cochlear implant in place. 

We are happy to have you along on this journey with us. To stay up-to-date about our product development and launch, subscribe to our newsletter below.