About Us

As a mother of a child with cochlear implants, I constantly felt like I was racing the clock to ensure that my son, Parker was getting in as much hearing time as possible.

To a growing child, each and every moment presents a critically important learning experience- unless your child isn’t hearing. As a mom, I was determined for Parker to experience all the priceless sounds and memories that will advance his development.

Parker was born in November 2018, and six months later, underwent cochlear implant surgery. Little did I know that this surgery was the beginning of a very long journey to our peace of mind as a family.

Over the next year, and through the stressful experiences that ensued, (i.e. losing an implant at the park and rounding up a search party with magnets, only to write it off as a loss), I worked tirelessly to create a product that would ensure Parker was hearing, learning, laughing, and growing. Not only for Parker and other children with his disability, but also to prevent this worry and anxiety for other parents.

I knew that I needed to create something that would not only advance my son’s growth and development, but reduce our family’s stress. 

I realized that a product that not only contained the speech processors so they wouldn’t get lost, but a product that secured the processors to Parker’s head was a need that was not being met by the current products on the market.

After countless hours of research, refining, adjusting, and perfecting, (and of course, using Parker as my R&D subject and model) I finally figured it out.

Enter SyNAPS - style with purpose.

Our mission at SyNAPS is to enable children to have access to daily life experiences that define and shape their future.

These laughs, sounds, voices, learnings, and memories that are going to set children up for success in life simply cannot be missed. Capturing these fleeting moments is our purpose. Not just for Parker, but for all children who are born with this disability.

At SyNAPS, we don’t see our products as just headwear. We see our products as exposure, as development, and as peace of mind. It’s our goal that you as a parent experience the comfort and reassurance of knowing your child is hearing.

Are you ready for your child to experience those precious moments and memories?